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Monday, June 6, 2011

The down side of Gardening

I am building muscle mass lifting all those pavers and shoveling all that dirt.  It has caused a huge problem for me.  You see, I am bulking up in my hands.  My wedding ring no longer fits!


Since I got married my wedding band has come off when I wash my hands or bake bread, but only ever for a few minutes.  I had it off for a week before Toddler girl was born.  I didn't want to, but I bowed to peer pressure.  Everyone told me my hands would swell either with late pregnancy or labour and I would need it cut off.  So I wore it on a chain around my neck.  I wanted to put it back on right after she was born, but the nurses talked me out of it.  It tried it on, it still fit, but I didn't go back to wearing it until 24 hours after she was born.

It has been feeling snug for a few days, but last night it was starting to hurt.  I had to soak in cold water and use soap to get it off.

Then, afterwards when I was massaging my hand I noticed this:


That isn't just my skin bunching, that's my finger muscles bulging.

I think it's good that I am getting more muscle mass.... I just wish it would have been somewhere that wouldn't interfere with my wedding band.  I feel even worse about this because I was as fond of my engagement ring.  Then a couple of weeks before Christmas, the Aquamarine (we couldn't afford a diamond) fell out of the setting.  Due to excessive home repairs (and, let's be fair, my new bicycle habit) taking all our extra money, I haven't gotten it replaced.

It wasn't a priority.  I still had my wedding band.  I had always felt nervous about wearing my engagement ring to work.  It was pretty, but had lots of places for bacteria to grow.  Working in a lab, you become more aware of that.

Now.... it just feels wrong to have a naked hand.   I don't know why this bothers me so much but it does.  I'm blogging at my kitchen table with Madeline playing in the background and tears in my eyes.


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