Cast Iron I have

Saturday, June 4, 2011

If I had $1,000,00.00

If I had unlimited budget to build a custom bike, I would want one that fit like Claire.  I would have my builder start with her as a blueprint and then make her more pretty.  A more graceful looped top tube or a swan frame.  Prettier lugs.

Then I would steam punk that baby out.  Cooper plate on the tubes, brass coated lugs.  An reproduction antique front light that was secretly powered by a dynamo hub and LEDs.  Brass plated fenders and chain guard with an ornate pattern cut out.  Leather saddle and handle bar grips.  I would want to find a way to put cream Fat Franks on it.  I would want wicker panniers.  I would have a bike that was beautiful to look at, but still had that wonderful ride quality that is so Claire.

And I would be afraid to ride it anywhere in case it got stolen.

But all that stuff is just appearances.  I have no complaints about how Claire fits or rides or handles.  At some point I may have to have her dismantled and sent away for professional powder coating, since the paint isn't as hardy. But that isn't going to change how she handles.

I really enjoy riding that bike and she is perfectly matched for riding with T.

The Nishiki on the other hand.....  is fine.  I only use about three of the speeds when it is just me, but when I have the toddler trailer or the panniers loaded, I need the extra ones.  I just don't know enough about road bikes to know if I could do better.  Or to use it to its full potential.   None the less it fits comfortably and I feel like I can go fast on it.

Either way, I have bicycle contentment.


  1. That would be one cool bike. There have to be locks that are reliable enough to prevent theft, aren't there?

  2. Yeah, but custom bikes are THOUSANDS of dollars.