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Thursday, June 2, 2011

One of those days

This morning my laptop battery failed.  It had been going for sometime, but this morning (after charging all night) my battery charge didn't even last long enough for me to check my email.  It's blustery and gross out so I drove T to work.  Toddler girl stayed home with my mom who is visiting.

On my way to the campus computer store to buy a replacement battery, I saw this:


That's the Raleigh I had before I married T and he bought me the ill fated Giant.  It made me feel sad.  The chain is off, the saddle is torn and the fender reflector I had personally custom built for it is bent.  I also learned that it was a Colt.  So really the bike I have now is a better fit, but it made me a little sad that she isn't being treated as well I she was when I had her.  On the other hand, she is locked up with two locks.  I'm not sure what to think.

I may go back tomorrow (yes, I'm a bike stalker) and see if she is still there.

When I came home, I got Ellie and we went grocery shopping.  To Costco.  I hate that store.  Don't get me wrong, it helps our budget to be able to buy in bulk, but the crowds make me ... grumpy.

When I came home I found the basement toilet had overflowed a bit.  A quick go with the plunger solved the problem but it was still a really yucky clean up.  And trying to keep Toddlers from helping is such a problem.

We had eggs and temper tantrums for lunch.

Then I broke down and we watched TV for an hour just to calm down.

After that I unloaded and started to place the 100 lbs each pavers.  T bought another seven from a different store since the one we had been shopping at is sold out.  They look a little different, which doesn't matter, but they are also half an inch shorter on each side.  That matters.

On the long sides of the rows of pavers, I can sort of fake it and it looks OK.  On the short side, it leaves a one inch gap that is a tripping hazard.  To solve this problem I had to pull up four of the pavers I had already laid and replace them with the smaller ones.  Those seven 100 lbs pavers was actually moving eleven 100lbs pavers.

I am exhausted.  Here is an updated garden shot.


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  1. It's looking great, if that's any consolation... :)