Cast Iron I have

I Have

I'm going to try to keep this inventory up to date.   That way if you ever want to try anything I've made, you can track down any supplies you might need.  Most likely, anything I would be using to cook with, you already have.

This is the cast iron inventory I'm working with:

And vintage pans from my gramma similar to:

I also have a big old vintage 12 quart stock pot in cast iron with side handles, for which I cannot find a modern day equivalent.  It weighs a ton, but you get a good work out "pumping iron" while cooking pasta.

And some other odds and ends:
My gramma used regular wooden spoons, but the olive wood is pretty and these have nice thick handles, like her's, for stirring with gusto.

I got the professional mixer because of a quirk in my vintage kitchen.  I don't have enough space between the upper and lower cupboards to tilt the head of a tilt head mixer.  The professional one fit with 1/8 inch to spare.  I feel very lucky that I can have a stand mixer at all!  For years I thought it was a lost cause.

I like the slow cooker because you can brown your meat on the stove top and get those yummy BCB (burnt crunchy bits) into your sauces. Plus it has a range of temperatures for precision slow cooking.

I really like these measuring cups because they nest and take up less space in my cupboard:

To figure out nutritional information, I use:

I can't say enough good things about this program! it lets you calculate nutritional information, you can add pictures of what you have cooked, it publishes to your MobileMe account, it even helps you build cookbooks.

All my buns and bread come from: